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esta es mi galeria tengo muchas imagenes relacionadas con los mitos de Cthulhu aun me falta subir muchas espero que estas les gusten si hay alguna en particular que les guste peguenla y comenten sobre que aspecto u detalle de la misma les gusto

un saludo

Kelemvor Freshbane

Me he puesto esta de fondo de escritorio icon_awesome

Cyrus Balzack


Zinik Krilow


'"Don’t think I was a foolâ€"you ought to have seen that skull. It had four-inch horns, but a face and jaw something like yours and mine.”'

"I was not so seriously hurt, but was covered with welts and contusions of the most bewildering character, including the print of a split hoof."

'“Noâ€"it wasn’t that way at all. It was everywhereâ€"a gelatinâ€"a slimeâ€"yet it had shapes, a thousand shapes of horror beyond all memory. There were eyesâ€"and a blemish. It was the pitâ€"the maelstromâ€"the ultimate abomination. Carter, it was the unnamable!”'
H.P. Lovecraft, The Unnamable

Zinik Krilow

Zinik Krilow

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EbaN de Pedralbes

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Kelemvor Freshbane

Suzanne Gerber from Wurzeltod recently posted some great GIFified images of Junji Ito’s “Uzumaki” horror manga. (you can find the complete scanned manga here)

EbaN de Pedralbes

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